Beautiful from Your Face to Your Nails: A Good Spa Day

From your face to your nails, A Good Spa Day gives every area of your body the care and attention it deserves.

Schedule a Pamper Me activity at A Good Spa Day.  We’ll treat you to an exquisite spa manicure in Heber that will leave your hands soft and beautiful. Whether you want an elegant French tip or a fun, glittery polish, count on our nail technicians to do your nails just the way you like them.

Intensive Hand Spa

We provide an intensive spa manicure service that uses products infused with rare natural ingredients. A few drops of a Phia Energy Bouquet into the water will help make you feel relaxed while its natural ingredients work to invigorate your hands and nails. We then make your hands ultra-soft by soaking them in Phia’s Organic Body Wash and gently exfoliating them with fluorite crystal-infused Phia’s Chia Jojoba Body Scrub.

The final step is a massage using Crème de la Phia that calms your nerves while deeply nourishing your hands.

Mini Manis and Other Extras

A Good Spa Day also offers a treat for young girls 10 years old and younger. We glam up their nails with a mini mani and pedi.

For unique nails, we create nail art designs. If you want beautiful nails for days, we encourage you to add gel or shellac on top of your newly manicured nails, so they stay beautiful longer.

Here are the prices of our hand spa and manicure in Midway:

  • Spa Manicure: 45 Minutes – $35
  • Mini Mani/Pedi: 60 minutes – $45
  • Additional Services:
  • Add Manicure – $15
  • Add Gel or Shellac – $10
  • Full Set of Gel or Shellac Nails – $45
  • French Tip or Nail Art – $5
  • Nail Fill – $35
  • Paraffin Dip – $8

Let us help you plan your spa manicure day! Call us or fill out our form today.