Massage Services


Massage is a gentle and effective therapy that can reduce stress, relieve pain and muscle tension, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, and reduce fatigue. It can increase body awareness through the age-old art of healing and relaxation. Reduce your day’s stress with this traditional and reliable art of healing and rejuvenation.

30 Minutes - $55

60 Minutes - $100

75 Minutes: $125

90 Minutes - $150

Add Deep Tissue: $15

Ultimate Treatment
90 Minutes of Total Relaxation: $185

Begin the ultimate relaxation with a CBD massage. This is a Swedish massage using CBD oil infused with peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass. You will then receive a foot scrub, paraffin dip, and foot massage. Unwind with a peppermint scalp massage. Enjoy 10-15 minutes of steam to finish your ultimate treatment.

“Head-to-Toe”: $190

This 2 hour treatment will leave you feeling like royalty. You will receive a full body massage with special attention to your feet using a scrub and minty mask leaving your feet feeling revitalized. We will finish up with a hair and scalp treatment using a serum that leaves your hair feeling like butter and washing away all tension from your body.

Lymphatic Massage
60 Minutes: $100
90 Minutes: $150

Lymphatic Massage is the gateway to your immune system! It helps remove toxins and excess fluids from the body, it breaks down cellulite and fat cells, smooths skin, tighten and tones. It is great for pre- and post-surgeries, Beneficial to everyone, helps to keep the body healthy.

Sports Massage
60 Minutes: $115

Designed to relieve tension, flush out lactic acid, and reduce pain. Techniques such as stretching, Trigger Point, Cupping, and Deep Tissue are used, which helps prevent injury.

Couple’s Massage
60 Minutes: $200
90 Minutes: $300

Replace date nights with a spa day with your partner in an intimate setting. Enjoy your time together with a massage in your private room— steam room may be added for $40.

*Note: Couples massages cannot be booked online.

Hot Stone Massage
75 Minutes: $135
90 Minutes: $160

Complete body and soul treatment using hot stones, aligned on areas of your body, to relax muscles, relieve pain and improve circulation. Deep heat treatment with the use of hot stones combined with massage will warm your body and soul.


Balancing the body’s energy keeps the body in homeostasis and when the body is in perfect balance it is working properly – no aches or pains!
Back Zone: $140

Balances the emotional and physical traumas of the past, present, or future.

Foot Zone: $90

Balances all 12 systems of the body. When our bodies are balanced they are able to heal and repair themselves.

Face Zone: $105

Balances the mental body, the things we say about ourselves that are not true or the others say that is true.

Craniosacral Treatment
Craniosacral: $100

A light touch whole-body treatment technique that works with the body’s craniosacral system. This includes the sacrum, spine, and cranium. The treatment supports and nourishes the central nervous system improving overall health and well-being.

Spa Experience
Spa Experience: $35

Welcome to the spa experience where you will be treated like royalty. Start your experience with a steam and cold towel then enjoy your service with your choice of upgrade and hot towels. You will receive a snack of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate and your choice of sparkling water or water infused with essential oils. In addition, you will be gifted a 20% off coupon to be used on retail items for that day and a goodie to go bag with our spa favorites. Add this to any service or do it by itself.

30 Minutes: $60

Cupping therapy is a form a deep tissue massage where special cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation. This will temporarily leave round dark red or purple marks on the skin. 30 Minutes.

Ionic Foot Detox
Per Session: $40
Pack of 10 Sessions: $350

Pull toxins out of your body through your feet, leaving you feeling balanced and more energized, and providing a boost to your immune system.

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Aromatherapy: $12
Muscle Rub: $5
Paraffin Hand or Foot Dip: $12
CBD Oil: $20
Peppermint Scalp Treatment: $5
Agave Nectar Oil: $12
Add Deep Tissue: $15