Blog: Basics of Lash Extensions

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Every morning devotedly you spend your time applying mascara. However, no matter how many times you curl those lashses, they never look as full as you would like. Nowadays, who possibly has the time? You’re not alone with your eyelash love-hate relationship, which is why many women are turning to lash extensions.

At A Good Spa Day, we offer comprehensive lash extension services that include touch-up appointments at our beauty spa. Our lashes attach to your natural ones, giving you an organic experience and natural-looking set of lashes. If your interest is peaked, we have a few insider tidbits you need to know about lash extensions before you get them applied at the beauty spa.


There are three common types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Sizes will range from 6mm to 17mm. Once you’ve selected lashes, they’ll be applied one at a time using a special glue. This adhesive is designed not to irritate the eye or damage your natural lashes. There are a few types of glue available, as certain people may be allergic to certain types.


It takes about two hours to apply a full set of lashes, and these can be maintained with shorter, touch-up appointments every few weeks. The time it takes to apply will vary depending on the thickness of the lashes desired – some people, usually first time users, choose half sets of lashes applied as filler to thicken natural lashes. It’s always easier to add more later than it is to remove lashes once they’re applied.


There are a few areas people worry about when it comes to lash extensions, and we are here to set the record straight.

  • Glue in eyes: No glue will ever get in your eyes, as your eyes will be shut the entire time. Our specialists will ensure that glue doesn’t contain any harmful or allergy-triggering elements, and will ensure no infection occurs.
  • Blindness: Some people worry about going blind from lash extensions, but in reality there is no scenario where you’ll go blind due to lash extensions.
  • Crying: Though it’s a very rare occurance, if you experience any burning or discomfort, speak up right away – this is a sign that you might need a different glue.

Want to learn more about lash extensions, or interested in any of our other day spa services? Speak to the experts at A Good Spa Day today!