Blog: Health Benefits of Pedicures

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The average human takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps every day, and this can add up to over 100,000 miles in the course of a lifetime. However, walking means significant wear on your feet, and many people are in search a for solution. Pedicures might be the right answer you are looking for.

At A Good Spa Day, we’ve got you covered. Our pedicure services are perfect for basic foot care- from simple cleaning/nail care to relieving tension with foot and calf massages. There are several specific health benefits that are directly attributed to pedicures. Let’s look at some of these and learn how our Spa can bring them to you.

Early Detection

One of the primary benefits of a pedicure is that it allows many people to detect ailments. Common concerns that can be picked up during a pedicure include corns, bunions and fungal infections, all of which are much easier to treat when they’re found during early stages.

Lowered Infection Risk

Various foot care — clipping, cutting and properly cleaning nails — will prevent infections. At home, or at an inadequate beauty spa, you may not have your nails cut properly. At A Good Spa Day, we make sure we cut your nails correctly so they don’t have a chance of growing inward. Moreover, by removing dirt and bacteria from the feet during a pedicure, we will also be preventing nail disorders, fungi and foot odors.

Circulation Promotion

For most people, the massage feels like the cherry on top of a pedicure sundae. But not only does it feel amazing, there are health benefits attached to it too! Actually, this helps promote circulation and relieve tension not only in the feet but also in the calves, which at the same time can reduce pain and help with heat distribution. No more cold feet when you get under the covers at night!


A good pedicure can be relaxing and help lower stress levels, which for some people directly affects their health. It can also ease tension and stiffness in not just your lower extremities, but throughout your entire body.

Feet Exfoliation

Exfoliation- or the removal of dead skin cells, prevents build-up accumulation on the feet, often leading to bunions or corns. It also encourages new skin cell growth and smoother feet.

Skin Moisture

Pedicures include warm water soaks and a massage with different oils and lotions. Each portion of the pedicure is meant to preserve moisture in your feet, so you don’t have to worry about blisters, or cracks. Well moisturized cuticles are also vital for avoiding nails with ridges or split ends.

Want to learn more about the benefits of pedicures? Speak to the highly trained estheticians at A Good Spa Day today.